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The Yin and Yang of Beverages

By Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide

Beverages are liquid so their basic nature has more of a yin influence. However, some determinants that affect the yin or yang effect of beverages include the actual content of the food, the sugar, salt, or fat content, as well as the preparation method—cooked or raw.

Sodas usually contain refined sugar and possibly chemicals or artificial sweeteners, so they are on the extreme yin side of the spectrum. Next is the juice of concentrated raw fruits with high sugar and low fiber content. Soy milk is next because it has a high fat content, and it is a plant-based milk. Then is cow’s milk, which is animal food that is high in fats and lactose sugars. Coconut water is tropical (yin influence) but is whole, rather than concentrated and has trace minerals (yang influence).

Raw vegetable juice is concentrated, but does not have the same sugar content of raw fruit juice. Almond and rice milk are higher in fat, but low in sugar content. Herbal teas vary according to the herb, but they usually have more of a balanced influence. Cooked vegetable juice has more of a yang influence, because the whole vegetables have been cooked. Barley tea is a roasted grain, so it has more of a yang influence and an alkaline-producing effect than herbal teas. Goat’s milk has the most yang influence, because it has a lot of sodium and less fat than other milks.

Listed in the chart are balanced foods toward the center for daily use, foods on a wider spectrum for occasional use, and extreme foods to avoid.

beverages spectrum chart

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