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Transfer of Knowledge

By Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide

Learning by transfer of knowledge involves activating previously learned background knowledge and applying it to a new situation. When your child uses her knowledge in new ways to solve different challenges, she learns to think creatively, to solve problems, and to use other higher mental processes.

The ability to transfer knowledge to a wide variety of situations is central to your child’s success in life. Various factors can influence her ability to transfer knowledge. Past learning can impact new learning negatively or positively.

Impact of Past Learning

Negative Impact

  • Past learning is based on rote memorization without significance or meaning
  • Past learning has not been repeated enough to be well established
  • Past learning has been learned in only one context
  • A skill has been learned that interferes with learning the new skill

Positive Impact

  • Past learning is based on sense and meaning
  • Past learning has been mastered
  • Past learning has been learned in multiple contexts
  • Many connections and associations are made between past and new learning
  • Similar skills tend to transfer from past learning to new learning
  • There is an overlap from past learning to new learning

There are two kinds of knowledge transfer: transferring past learning to a present situation and transferring present learning to a future situation. Your child’s past learning influences her new learning.

When she learns to transfer previously learned information to her everyday life, she can solve problems in practical and meaningful ways. Knowledge transfer involves higher mental functions based on intentional thought processes.

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