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Readiness to Learn

By Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide

Nature’s gifts to your baby form a basic foundation for learning that includes core knowledge, the ability to remember and to focus, multiple intelligences, and a natural curiosity that motivates her.

As her parent, you have the opportunity to nurture her with safety, love, and an environment where her learning can thrive. Because her experiences help structure her brain, your support during her first three years greatly impacts her readiness to learn.

Here are some suggestions for keeping her ready to learn:

  • Take care of your baby’s emotional needs. A healthy attachment between your baby and you gives her the security and confidence to explore new experiences, to focus her attention, and to build the resilience that is necessary for her to succeed in the face of challenge.
  • Know your child. Consider her temperament, personality, yin-yang constitution and condition, intelligence, strengths, and preferences. Pay attention to her zone of development, so that you can stimulate and challenge her to learn and grow.
  • Acknowledge her fears and frustrations so that you can help her to overcome obstacles in learning. Encourage her to recognize past negative experiences that affect her feelings as she learns. Give her space to learn and grow without unnecessary limits or restrictions.
  • Accept and appreciate your child’s unique gifts, and nourish her to develop her own passions. Be mindful not to pressure her, and allow her to lead the way in her interests at her own learning pace.

Trust that your child is in the right place at the right time on her path. Believe in her and in her abilities, and support her with challenges that she faces. Your child was born with her own unique set of gifts, and with your support they can unfold naturally.

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