A "Model" Family for Diapers - Grow healthy. Grow happy.

two baby girls modeling swim diapers

A “Model” Family for Diapers

By i play., Inc.

One morning in 1989, 18-month old Elly Kline held the attention of five adults for four hours as she played happily on a bright pink backdrop. This was one of i play.’s first professional photo shoots with Elly modeling our biodegradable, disposable Dovetails® diaper.

All hands were on deck, including Elly’s dad, the photographer, a stylist, a baby wrangler, and i play., Inc. owner Becky Cannon. We followed Elly’s lead as she moved at her own rhythm. If she wanted a cookie, we gave her a cookie. When she took a nap, we waited for her to wake up. From the beginning, our products have been made from the baby’s perspective, so this philosophy carried through in our photoshoot.

27 years later in February of 2016, i play. put out a casting call for models for our new line of organic bedding, bath, and playwear along with an updated, improved, patented Swim Diaper. Who should respond but Elly (now Elyse) Kline with her 15-month old daughter Chloe!

Chloe modeled for i play. with as much charm as her mother had shown at the same age. You can see the resemblance of mother and daughter. They are each dressed in an i play.® diaper that offers comfort for baby, convenience for parents, and concern for the natural world.

i play.’s consistent values and purpose for thirty-four years affirms the longevity and authenticity of our commitment. A generation later, i play. continues as a grassroots family business, supporting the health and happiness of babies and their parents!

By i play., Inc.

Guided by principles, our family-oriented company collaborates with our customers, team members, suppliers, and partners to provide healthy products for babies’ whole development and resources for natural parenting.

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