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Acknowledge and Accept Feelings

The ability to regulate emotions helps your child develop awareness, control, and socially acceptable behavior as he grows. Your help begins with acknowledging his emotions and accepting his feelings. When you verbally reframe or summarize his feelings in a way that makes him feel heard, he knows he is accepted and begins to calm himself.

Right and Left Brain

Even though each hemisphere may have its special functions, your child needs both sides of her brain to work together for optimal results in her thought processes.

Ego and Identity Development

As babies grow and interact with caregivers and the world around them, they separate from their pure state of essence to create an ego and an identity of their own. This separation is inevitable and necessary, because your baby must differentiate in order to individuate into his autonomous self and to function in society.


You can help your baby to stay connected to his essence by providing experiences of shared presence with him. Take a few moments every day to play or to simply be together in the moment, without agendas or goals.

The World of Spirit

As your child attains the essential skills that allow him to think beyond himself and to develop spiritually, you can help him create a value system, a moral code, and a supportive spiritual community that will serve him throughout his life.

Your Baby’s Emotional Development

Knowledge about your baby’s emotional developmental stages helps you mindfully provide for his needs and wants. This article provides some general milestones of emotional development from birth to 36 months.

Personality and the Enneagram

As a way of explaining motivation and behavior, the Enneagram theory describes nine personality types based on corresponding psychological constructs.

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