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Moderate Media

To give your baby’s brain a rich environment in which it can grow and develop to its full potential, consider moderating the amount of media to which she is exposed.

Your Baby’s Immune System

Your baby’s immune system fights harmful microbes when they attack. Her body also can build immunity—thus avoiding the need for a future fight—as it overcomes a particular sickness.

Foundations for Health

Effective defense against disease means not only avoiding germs but also building a strong overall physical constitution, so that when your baby does become sick, her body can fight the illness more efficiently.

How Your Baby Can Be Well Naturally

Natural healing is a holistic approach that treats your whole baby, rather than treating individual parts of her physical body. It views all systems as integrated and working together and considers all aspects of her condition.

Building Defenses

Although a healthy child is naturally resilient and resistant to external factors that can cause imbalance, it is useful to consider the scientific perspective of the “germ theory.” According to this view, the majority of challenges to your baby’s health come in the form of pathogens—biological agents of disease.

Promote a Positive Body Image

As your baby explores what her body can do, you can guide her in that exploration and help ensure that she develops a positive body image.

Provide a Safe Environment

A safe environment in which your baby can move and play freely promotes physical development. By staying one step ahead of her with preventive measures, you can minimize potential dangers.

Fermented Foods for Your Baby

Your baby can start eating some fermented foods between six and eight months. If your child is experiencing digestive issues, fermented foods can help him get back on track with a stronger community of intestinal flora.

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