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Natural Remedies to Soothe a Teething Baby

Discover teething symptoms that appear as your child’s teeth erupt, and learn home remedies for teething. Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. is the comprehensive reference for natural parenting.

Topical Treatments

Simple, natural treatments with sesame oil, rice or oat bran, calendula, comfrey, clay, and aloe vera can be helpful in treating skin disorders. Arnica is effective on bruises and sprains. Tea tree oil can be used as a disinfectant. If a skin condition persists or a symptom becomes worse, see your health care provider.

Acupoint Massage Treatment

Acupoint massage can be used when your baby isn’t feeling well. Short, repetitive acupoint treatments will have the most impact on your child’s condition.

Connect with Touch and Massage

Massaging your baby is an opportunity to spend quality time with her, while also becoming more aware of what is going on with her body on a daily basis.

Reiki with your Child

This technique involves using your palms as conductors of healing energy through massage and touch.

Natural First Aid Kit

Just as most homes have a conventional first-aid kit, you can create a natural first-aid kit that includes everything you need for emergencies.

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