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Veggie Butter Recipe

9 months + 12-ounces vegetarian gluten free This slow-cooking method creates a concentrated, rich, and delicious taste that brings out the sweetness of the vegetables. The protein in tahini provides both taste and nutrition; use as a spread on bread

Grain Superfood Recipe

Feeding your baby whole grains as his central food provides him an opportunity for optimal health. Here is a recipe appropriate for age 12 months and up.

Water Kefir Recipe

(Ages: 6 months+) This simple drink has many probiotic qualities that promote a healthy immune system, without dairy or salt. Water kefir has a wide variety of more than forty different bacteria and yeast, while the average supplement has only ten.

Spaghetti with Sauce Recipe

Spaghetti is a favorite and fun food for meals or a quick snack. Wait until your child is 18 months before serving tomato sauce, because of the acidity.

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