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Cultivate Humor

Your baby’s cognitive development is interrelated with his sense of humor. Humor is a form of play, and play is how children learn. A good sense of humor can make your child smarter, healthier, and better able to cope with challenges.

Take a Positive Approach

A positive and helpful approach to your child’s development involves being mindful that your actions and words are truly about him, his dreams, and his potential.

Stimulate Your Baby’s Senses

By providing an environment that encourages your baby to use her senses, you can help her build a foundation for language and cognitive development.

Promote a Positive Body Image

As your baby explores what her body can do, you can guide her in that exploration and help ensure that she develops a positive body image.

Be a Role Model

Your child learns by taking in the world around him and then imitating what he absorbs. Your emotional regulation creates the emotional climate for your child. As in all areas of his life, you are his main role model.

Acknowledge and Accept Feelings

The ability to regulate emotions helps your child develop awareness, control, and socially acceptable behavior as he grows. Your help begins with acknowledging his emotions and accepting his feelings. When you verbally reframe or summarize his feelings in a way that makes him feel heard, he knows he is accepted and begins to calm himself.

Trust Your Child and Trust Yourself

In many ways your baby is helpless and dependent on you, but he also has his own strength, survival instinct, and unique destiny to be honored.

Take Care of Your Own Emotional Well-being

Even after you have settled in with your newborn, self-care is an ongoing source of physical and emotional strength. You can think of it as an essential nutrient that restores your energy and makes you a more effective parent. Here are some suggestions for self-care.

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