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Appreciate the Arts

You can support your baby’s cognitive development by encouraging creativity and the arts. Here are some ideas and activities to get you started.

Get Outside and Explore

Spending a portion of each day outside benefits your child’s brain development in multiple ways. Here are some activities to promote her interest in nature.

Readiness to Learn

Your support and love during your child’s first three years greatly impacts her readiness to learn. Here are some suggestions for keeping her ready to learn.

Transfer of Knowledge

There are two kinds of knowledge transfer: transferring past learning to a present situation and transferring present learning to a future situation. Your child’s past learning influences her new learning. When she learns to transfer previously learned information to her everyday life, she can solve problems in practical and meaningful ways.


Play is an essential part of your child’s learning, brain development, and health. All stages of your baby’s physical, emotional, and mental development integrate through play.

Passion, Purpose, and Potential

Your child is unique in her strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes that inspire her, and gifts that she has to contribute to the world. She has unique talents that satisfy her and help her find meaning and purpose in her life.

Concept Development

Concept development, unlike memorization, builds on the other methods of learning and uses higher mental functions, such as being deliberate, solving problems, and thinking strategically.

Stimulate Your Baby’s Senses

By providing an environment that encourages your baby to use her senses, you can help her build a foundation for language and cognitive development.

Adaptation to the Environment

When your baby has an experience, she learns by taking in information through her senses in a distinct way and attempts to adapt to her environment. Based on experience and learning, she spontaneously adjusts her behavior. She naturally revises, reshapes, and restructures new knowledge to meet her needs in her environment.

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