Play - resources for parents and caregivers to offer tools for whole learning

Optimal Learning Opportunities

Your baby will go through specific stages when her brain is especially receptive to mastering certain skills or absorbing an area of knowledge.

Encourage Movement

Your conscious encouragement of movement, play, and exercise promotes your baby’s physical health, as well as her emotional and mental growth and development.

Pathways of Whole Learning

Your baby starts life with an innate curiosity that serves as a primary force for her to explore the world, to seek new experiences, and to learn.

Naturalist Pathway

Your child has a natural curiosity and sensitivity to nature that motivates her to connect with the natural world.

Creative Pathway

Open exploration and play are the basis for creative problem solving and lifelong learning. The flow of creativity fosters flexibility, calmness, and confidence in learning and accomplishing goals.

Cognitive Pathway

You can help your child develop use of her cognitive pathway by creating an environment that stimulates her curiosity, memory, and problem solving.

Movement Pathway

You can help your baby build her gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills, and spatial awareness in her body by encouraging her to engage in fun physical activities.

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