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A Family Tradition of Nurturing Naturally

Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide is designed to be concise, comprehensive, and holistic, with many interrelated parts. All of its content—theories, activities, stories, photos, reference information, charts, recipes, and shopping lists—support the ideal of a natural lifestyle.

Oral Health & Development

Discover the tools, foods, & timeline for healthy oral development. Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. is the comprehensive reference for natural parenting.

Synthetic Performance Fabrics

Learn which synthetic fibers come from plastic, are manufactured fabric, treated with formaldehyde, retain shape, and much more. Learn information about elastane, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, microfiber, and acrylic – a comprehensive and honest overview.

Swim Wear and Sun Protection Gear

Reusable swim diapers and swimsuits with built-in diapers let your baby move freely in the water, and eliminate the worry of solid waste entering a pool. Sun shirts, rashguards, sunglasses, and sun hats made with UV-protecting fabric offer sun protection. Other accessories for a trip to the beach or pool include a terry cover-up and some swim shoes or water sandals.

Seek Balance in Activity

As your baby’s guide, you are in charge of setting limits and creating boundaries for her. Sometimes it can be challenging to know when your child is on the edge and needs to return to balance.

Moderate Media

To give your baby’s brain a rich environment in which it can grow and develop to its full potential, consider moderating the amount of media to which she is exposed.

Stretch and Challenge your Baby

Stretching and challenging your baby’s mind can enhance her development and help her use her cognitive abilities to their full potential at every stage.

Encourage Active Experience

Your baby learns through active participation. The more she experiences, the more neural connections her brain makes, and the greater her capacity for learning becomes. Here are a few ways to incorporate learning experiences with your child into your daily routine.

Talk and Read to Your Baby

Your baby’s brain will never be more receptive to language than it is between birth and 7 years old. Here are ways to introduce her to as many sounds and words as possible.

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