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Attunement and Mirroring

Attunement is a valuable building block for healthy attachment in your baby’s first year. When you and your baby are attuned, you act in harmony.

Culture and Community

As your child’s inner foundation becomes established, he also reaches out to understand and connect to the community at large to find a sense of belonging.

Trust Your Child and Trust Yourself

In many ways your baby is helpless and dependent on you, but he also has his own strength, survival instinct, and unique destiny to be honored.

The World of Spirit

As your child attains the essential skills that allow him to think beyond himself and to develop spiritually, you can help him create a value system, a moral code, and a supportive spiritual community that will serve him throughout his life.

Take Care of Your Own Emotional Well-being

Even after you have settled in with your newborn, self-care is an ongoing source of physical and emotional strength. You can think of it as an essential nutrient that restores your energy and makes you a more effective parent. Here are some suggestions for self-care.

Overcoming Attachment Challenges

Every family has issues and hurdles that can impede attachment. The following are a few of the more common challenges that parents face today, along with some strategies to overcome them and to ensure that your baby develops a healthy attachment and a strong emotional foundation.

Manage Stress

As children’s experiences become more complex, childhood stress is becoming more common. Many parents want their children’s lives to be easy and stress-free, but in the past 20 years, children are experiencing the need to adapt to increasing tensions and pressures in daily life.

Establish Rituals, Traditions, and Celebrations

The rituals, customs, and celebrations that you create with your family reflect your priorities and values. Your child will feel connected to these experiences and perhaps pass them along to his children.

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