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Readiness to Learn

Your support and love during your child’s first three years greatly impacts her readiness to learn. Here are some suggestions for keeping her ready to learn.

Milestones of Mental Development

A basic understanding of milestones in your child’s cognitive development can help you support her current skills and prepare her for her next stage. Here are some of the general developmental stages in your child’s cognitive growth.


When you encourage your baby without pressure to enjoy acquiring knowledge for its own reward, she will be inspired to be self-directed and intentional as she learns, rather than focused on gold stars and other extrinsic goals. Here are some ways you can help your child sustain her natural motivation and love for learning.


In your baby’s early years, an awareness of her unique blend of intelligences can help you support her natural interests and learning process. As a parent, you can use the concept of multiple intelligences to identify your child’s innate abilities and approaches to learning.


When your baby can focus her attention on one thing and ignore others, she learns to control her impulses and delay her reaction. Her ability to focus will continue to improve well into adulthood. While she is young, however, you can make it easier for her to exercise focus in the following ways:


Memory helps your baby make sense of her world, recognize patterns, and create expectations for the future. With use, her memory gets stronger, fuller, and more supportive as she makes connections and learns.

Optimal Learning Opportunities

Your baby will go through specific stages when her brain is especially receptive to mastering certain skills or absorbing an area of knowledge.

Pathways of Whole Learning

Your baby starts life with an innate curiosity that serves as a primary force for her to explore the world, to seek new experiences, and to learn.

Naturalist Pathway

Your child has a natural curiosity and sensitivity to nature that motivates her to connect with the natural world.

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