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A Family Tradition of Nurturing Naturally

Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide is designed to be concise, comprehensive, and holistic, with many interrelated parts. All of its content—theories, activities, stories, photos, reference information, charts, recipes, and shopping lists—support the ideal of a natural lifestyle.

My Organically Grown Roots at i play.

Brief history of i play., Inc.’s textile development that expresses owner and founder Becky Cannon’s passion for providing healthy choices for parents.

Why Bother with Organic Cotton?

Discovering the best materials for your baby’s needs means ensuring maximum comfort and well-being throughout each stage of learning and growing. By choosing fabrics and textiles that are safely and consciously made, parents can create a nontoxic and healthy environment

Plastics to Avoid

Information on various plastics, including what products they are usually in, and considerations about using them.

Safer Plastics

If you learn some of the basics about plastics and make informed, careful choices, it’s possible to use plastics in a safer way.

Around the Home

Ideas for keeping the inside of your home toxin-free and safely exploring nature with your child.

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A comprehensive resource for parents to give their baby a healthy beginning for the first three years.

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