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Your Baby’s Respiratory System

Your baby’s respiratory system supplies her blood with oxygen (inhalation) and expels carbon dioxide waste (exhalation) with every breath.

Your Baby’s Integumentary System

The skin, hair, and nails make up your baby’s integumentary system, her largest organ system. It protects the internal organs, fluids, and tissues.

Your Baby’s Nervous System

Your baby’s nervous system controls her body. It comprises her brain, her spinal cord, and her nerves, with billions of neurons (nerve cells). With the brain as the command center, messages from the nerves travel up and down the spinal cord and throughout her body via the neurons to tell the body what to do and how to react.


With good home care and attention to keeping your baby hydrated, most experiences with diarrhea should resolve within 48 hours and should not require a call to your health care provider.


Teething is the process by which your baby’s first teeth erupt through her gums. Teething can be painful and tough for your baby, and her body may react to it in various ways.

Topical Treatments

Simple, natural treatments with sesame oil, rice or oat bran, calendula, comfrey, clay, and aloe vera can be helpful in treating skin disorders. Arnica is effective on bruises and sprains. Tea tree oil can be used as a disinfectant. If a skin condition persists or a symptom becomes worse, see your health care provider.

Yin and Yang for Natural Healing

Yin and yang create a fundamental concept that can help you characterize your baby’s overall condition and move toward a solution to help her maintain her balance. In general, you can establish balance by reducing excessive yin or yang while adding the opposite foods or treatments.

Your Baby’s Immune System

Your baby’s immune system fights harmful microbes when they attack. Her body also can build immunity—thus avoiding the need for a future fight—as it overcomes a particular sickness.

Foundations for Health

Effective defense against disease means not only avoiding germs but also building a strong overall physical constitution, so that when your baby does become sick, her body can fight the illness more efficiently.

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