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Savory Kuzu Remedy

Kuzu in this slightly salty sauce has a soothing, medicinal effect on your baby’s digestive system. It can be used on its own as a remedy for a digestive upset or as a sauce on vegetables or grains.

Cereal Grain Milk Remedy

Cereal grain milk is centering, soothing, and nourishing to your baby’s digestive tract. This is the first remedy that I use to help restore balance.

Apple Kuzu Remedy

Kuzu helps calm and soothe your baby, and it is a powerful remedy for diarrhea, stomachache, acid reflux, colds, cough, fever, and headache.

Alternative Remedies

You may find it empowering to participate in healing your child’s sicknesses. Alternative remedies, such as homeopathy, may be useful.

Milestones of Physical Development

As your baby explores and gains control over her body and uses her senses, you can support her achievements by understanding the developmental stage she is in and preparing for the stage she will reach next.

The Power of Breast Milk

Health experts recommend that mothers breast-feed their babies for six months as their exclusive form of nourishment. They also suggest that mothers continue breast-feeding as a primary food source after introducing solid foods and other liquids to their babies.

Cold and Warm Compresses

Cold compresses can cause blood vessels to contract, so they reduce heat and swelling, and are used for acute injuries. Warm compresses increase circulation by dilating the blood vessels in areas that are constricted or tight. They are used for chronic conditions.

Encourage Movement

Your conscious encouragement of movement, play, and exercise promotes your baby’s physical health, as well as her emotional and mental growth and development.

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