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Spaghetti with Sauce Recipe

Spaghetti is a favorite and fun food for meals or a quick snack. Wait until your child is 18 months before serving tomato sauce, because of the acidity.

Pancakes Recipe

(Age: 9 months+) Pancakes are a fun breakfast that can become a Saturday or Sunday morning tradition. This basic recipe can be a first finger food, cut up into small pieces or strips.

Grains Preparation

In kitchens across different cultures, and for generations, families crack, dry, mash, and boil grains to suit their recipes and palates. Here are a few forms of preparation as you experiment with cooking grains for your baby.

A Guide to the Recipes

My goal is to offer you cooking principles and general methods that can be used for a variety of foods. The basic principles in these recipes provide the foundation necessary to cook for your child’s first three years and older.

Sandwiches Recipe

(Age 18 months+) Sandwiches are convenient for a quick lunch, at home or on the go. Here are recipes for tempeh, hummus, and salmon sandwiches.

Rice Balls Recipe

12 months +
Rice balls are a traditional travel food in Japan, and are a great portable snack for school, work, excursions, or long-distance trips.

Pasta Salad Recipe

12 months +
Pasta salad is a crowd-pleaser and an easy dish for many occasions.

Fritters Recipe

12 months +
Use up leftover grains, vegetables, and beans to make these pan-fried fritters.

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