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Fruits for Your Baby

The following chart gives an overview of which fruits to start feeding and when. The chart also includes how frequently to feed these fruits.

The Power of Fruits and Considerations

Low in calories and fat, whole fruits provide natural sugars that can satisfy your baby’s innate taste for sweetness. When choosing fruits, consider whether they are organic, where they are grown, whether they are in season, and how they are ripened.

The Yin and Yang of Fruits

Some indicators of Yin–Yang influences in fruit include moisture content, growing climate and season, and direction of growth. Size, color, and shape are also factors.

Types of Fruits

Temperate fruits grow on deciduous trees, vines, bushes, and on the ground. Tropical fruits usually have a thick skin that is not edible.

A Guide to the Recipes

My goal is to offer you cooking principles and general methods that can be used for a variety of foods. The basic principles in these recipes provide the foundation necessary to cook for your child’s first three years and older.

Fruit Pie Recipe

12 months +
A light and healthy dessert that the whole family can enjoy. Experiment with single fruits or fruit combinations for variety.

Fruit Gelo Recipe

7 months +
Kanten is a light and refreshing dessert made from the sea vegetable agar, which is a natural, vegetarian gelatin.

Fruit Kuzu Recipe

7 months +
Cooking fruit with kuzu makes a gelatinous, pudding-like consistency. The alkaline-forming effect of kuzu is a healthy plus in any dish, and it can create a calming effect on your baby.

Fruit Sauce Recipe

7 months +
Applesauce is a traditional first fruit for your baby and toddler. Substitute or add other fruits for a variety of cooked fruit sauces.

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