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The Power of Fruits and Considerations

Low in calories and fat, whole fruits provide natural sugars that can satisfy your baby’s innate taste for sweetness. When choosing fruits, consider whether they are organic, where they are grown, whether they are in season, and how they are ripened.

How Grains Grow

Understanding how grains grow helps you appreciate where your food comes from and how it affects you. It can also help you and your child connect to nature.

Grains for Your Baby

Helping your baby develop a taste for whole grains as a core component of his diet will set his foundation for creating a sensitive palate and a strong digestive system. Here is a table explaining when to introduce grains to your baby.

Milk Considerations

Read on for a discussion of the various kinds of milk you may want to feed your baby, including rice, soy, almond, cow’s, and goat’s, as well as a chart comparing their nutritional values.

Land Vegetable Considerations

When choosing vegetables, consider where they are grown, whether they are in season, whether they are organic, and which plant families they come from.

Fermented Food Considerations

The physical conditions that microbes live in can make a difference in their growth and survival. Consider these factors when making your own fermented foods or buying packaged yogurt, pickles, or probiotic boosters.

Grain Superfood Recipe

Feeding your baby whole grains as his central food provides him an opportunity for optimal health. Here is a recipe appropriate for age 12 months and up.

Fats for Your Baby

Your baby is ready to start eating some fats between six and eight months. The chart below gives an overview of which fats to start feeding baby and when.

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