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Juice Considerations

Read on for information on fruit and vegetable juices. Juices are rarely as healthy as the whole fruit or vegetable, but on the positive side, they can be refreshing drinks and can be diluted with water or tea to reduce the sugar content per serving.

The Yin and Yang of Beverages

Beverages are liquid so their basic nature has more of a yin influence. However, some determinants that affect the yin or yang effect of beverages include the actual content of the food, the sugar, salt, or fat content, as well as the preparation method—cooked or raw.

Herbs and Spices for Your Baby

All herbs have properties that affect food in some way. All herbs have properties that affect food in some way. Fresh herbs can range from very mild to a stronger taste, and most of them provide medicinal effects, in addition to enhancing the flavor of food.

Types of Sweeteners

Whole sweeteners offer natural and delicious sweetness that is not harsh or jolting for your baby’s digestive and nervous systems. Read on for information about brown rice syrup, amazake, maple syrup, and others.

The Power of Sweeteners and Considerations

Offering natural snacks and desserts can help satisfy your child’s desire for sweets without the detriments of refined sugar. If you build a foundation that orients your child’s taste buds toward whole foods, he can feel the pleasures, as well as the discomforts of sugar.

The Power of Salt

Salt gives strength, vitality, and energy to power your baby’s body movement. Your baby’s body needs sodium to function properly, as it helps your baby’s body maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance, acts as a digestive agent, and soothes his joints.

Types of Fats

Whether your baby eats his fats through your cooking, prepared foods, or from restaurants, the type of oils and fats he consumes every day impacts his physical and mental growth and development.

The Yin and Yang of Fermented Foods

Finding fermented foods that do not have high sodium content can be challenging in feeding your baby. The fermented foods in this chart aid in digestion and nourish intestinal bacteria.

Fruits for Your Baby

The following chart gives an overview of which fruits to start feeding and when. The chart also includes how frequently to feed these fruits.

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