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Food as Medicine and Remedies

When your baby is not feeling well, the remedy can often involve regulating and strengthening her digestive system, by providing foods with specific healing properties.

Fruit Pie Recipe

12 months +
A light and healthy dessert that the whole family can enjoy. Experiment with single fruits or fruit combinations for variety.

Introducing Solid Foods

When your baby sits without assistance, holds her head up with confidence, and grasps small objects and brings them to her mouth, she may be ready to eat solid foods.

Rice Balls Recipe

12 months +
Rice balls are a traditional travel food in Japan, and are a great portable snack for school, work, excursions, or long-distance trips.

Pasta Salad Recipe

12 months +
Pasta salad is a crowd-pleaser and an easy dish for many occasions.

Types of Fermented Foods

Offering your child fermented foods will help her develop a wide diversity of flora in her gut, which has multiple health benefits.

Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

12 months +
These oatmeal cookies are extra crispy and delicious, and healthy! Make ahead for easy desserts or snacks.

Fruit Gelo Recipe

7 months +
Kanten is a light and refreshing dessert made from the sea vegetable agar, which is a natural, vegetarian gelatin.

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