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What Your Baby’s Body Needs

Your baby’s body needs certain nutrients to grow and develop, repair or heal tissue when needed, and sustain his body’s functions.

Sandwiches Recipe

(Age 18 months+) Sandwiches are convenient for a quick lunch, at home or on the go. Here are recipes for tempeh, hummus, and salmon sandwiches.

Fat Considerations

There is a difference between healthy and unhealthy sources of fat. The following is a list of the groups of good- and poor-quality fats and how they are identified.

Fermentation Methods

Fermentation can occur naturally from bacteria, yeasts, and molds in the environment, or by introducing a starter to a food. Both forms of fermentation take one of two forms: alcohol or lactic acid fermentation. In both cases, the environment becomes too acidic for harmful bacteria to thrive.

Stocking Up, Shelf Life, and Thawing Frozen Foods

If both parents are working, it is probably easier to take a few hours once a week to prepare food. For the first two to three days, you can store food in the refrigerator, and you can put food for the rest of the week in the freezer.

Setting Up Your Pantry

Once you organize your pantry with basic equipment and ingredients, you will find that cooking your baby’s first foods is surprisingly easy.

Food Preparation

Before cooking, start by reviewing the recipes, then get out the utensils, storage containers, and necessary ingredients. See what kind of food preparation needs to be done first or can be done in advance.

Energy in Food

All foods have an energy force, as well as their nutritional composition. This life force is the same chi that your baby’s body carries along her meridians or channels.

Cooking Methods

Cooking does some of the work of digestion before food enters your baby’s body, which is a benefit to her underdeveloped digestive system.

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