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Body Systems and Related Common Childhood Illnesses

There is nothing more worrisome for a parent than a sick child. However, by educating yourself about a few fundamentals of illness and treatment, you can contribute proactively to your child’s healing from the majority of sicknesses that come her way.

Your Baby’s Circulatory System

Your baby’s circulatory system depends on three systems working together: cardiovascular (heart), pulmonary (lungs), and systemic (arteries, veins, etc.)

Your Baby’s Endocrine System

The endocrine system is a system of glands that secrete hormones to instruct the body’s cells about what do to and when to do it. You can help your baby’s endocrine system develop and strengthen by feeding her whole foods, especially healthy fats and oils and minerals.

Your Baby’s Lymphatic and Immune System

Your baby’s lymphatic system facilitates her immune response to defend against disease by balancing her bodily fluids and providing the mechanisms that filter toxins from her blood, including the spleen.

Your Baby’s Digestive and Urinary Systems

As a parent, you are probably highly aware of your baby’s digestive system, because it regularly requires your attention through her hunger, thirst, and bowel movements. Your baby’s digestive system breaks down food into nutrients so that her body can absorb them and gain the energy to grow and repair itself.

Your Baby’s Respiratory System

Your baby’s respiratory system supplies her blood with oxygen (inhalation) and expels carbon dioxide waste (exhalation) with every breath.

Your Baby’s Integumentary System

The skin, hair, and nails make up your baby’s integumentary system, her largest organ system. It protects the internal organs, fluids, and tissues.

Your Baby’s Nervous System

Your baby’s nervous system controls her body. It comprises her brain, her spinal cord, and her nerves, with billions of neurons (nerve cells). With the brain as the command center, messages from the nerves travel up and down the spinal cord and throughout her body via the neurons to tell the body what to do and how to react.

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