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Veggie Butter Recipe

9 months + 12-ounces vegetarian gluten free This slow-cooking method creates a concentrated, rich, and delicious taste that brings out the sweetness of the vegetables. The protein in tahini provides both taste and nutrition; use as a spread on bread

Eating in Restaurants

Eating in restaurants can be a balancing act between taking care of a baby or toddler and giving parents a break. Here are some tips to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Food at Home and in the World

Food is a social and emotional experience that brings family and friends together to share and bond, while creating understanding. Eating meals together and developing celebrations around food establishes traditions that are pleasurable, satisfying, and joyful, and they also provide enduring memories.

Spaghetti with Sauce Recipe

Spaghetti is a favorite and fun food for meals or a quick snack. Wait until your child is 18 months before serving tomato sauce, because of the acidity.

Shape Cookies Recipe

(Ages: 12 months+) This recipe is versatile for impromptu occasions or holidays, and you can adapt it with different cookie cutter shapes.

Couscous Cake Recipe

(Age: 12 months+) This cake is very easy to make and is more digestible than baked cakes or cookies.

Establish Rituals, Traditions, and Celebrations

The rituals, customs, and celebrations that you create with your family reflect your priorities and values. Your child will feel connected to these experiences and perhaps pass them along to his children.

Planning Ahead for Travel

Planning ahead helps you to be prepared to meet your child’s needs in out-of-the-ordinary situations. Here are some tips to make your travels easier.

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