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grow healthy® Food Program

grow healthy® food program offers staples to be combined with fresh, organic produce for a comprehensive, balanced nutritional program for your child’s optimal healthy development.

What Your Baby’s Body Needs

Your baby’s body needs certain nutrients to grow and develop, repair or heal tissue when needed, and sustain his body’s functions.

The Power of Breast Milk

Health experts recommend that mothers breast-feed their babies for six months as their exclusive form of nourishment. They also suggest that mothers continue breast-feeding as a primary food source after introducing solid foods and other liquids to their babies.

Acid and Alkaline

Illness thrives in acidic environments, so a slightly more alkaline environment is a healthy state for your baby. Here are some ways to help maintain that balance.

Balance: The Yin and Yang of Foods

The food your baby eats has yin and yang properties that affect his balance, which influences his physical and mental growth and development.

Foods for Healthy Digestion

During your baby’s first year, his digestive system is inherently weak and still developing. Consider these points as you introduce new foods to your baby.

Food as Medicine and Remedies

When your baby is not feeling well, the remedy can often involve regulating and strengthening her digestive system, by providing foods with specific healing properties.

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