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Textiles Guide

i play. textile products, such as clothing, bibs, burp pads, blankets, and towels are made of materials with fabrication methods that are healthful and comfortable. We use a range of fabrics to provide functions for baby’s everyday needs. Although we prefer to manufacture our textile products with natural instead of petroleum-based fibers, we recognize the value of water-friendly fabrics for Swim Wear, extra absorbent polyester for diapers and sun-protective treatments for Sun Wear. Through research and testing, we carefully select materials, fabrication methods, and dyes or treatments that are safe and healthy for the comfort and protection of baby, while convenient and affordable for parents.


Our main priority is to use natural fibers for our textile products that have daily and direct skin contact or that are likely to end up in a baby’s mouth. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. it is hypoallergenic and soft next to baby’s sensitive skin. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, can offer special performance features to products that are not possible with natural fibers– diapers that are extra absorbent, bibs that are easy to clean, and outdoor Outer Wear that dries quickly or provides warmth.

Fabrication Methods

Both natural and synthetic fibers can be fabricated in various ways. Fabrication methods used in i play. products include:

Single jersey knit– Single knit; Lightweight and stretchy; Organic cotton jersey knit is used in i play.® Bodysuits, Caps, and Toys.

Rib knit– Single knit; Alternating knit and purl stitches to form ridges on both sides of the fabric; Cotton rib knit with cotton/elastane trim is used in green sprouts® Training Underwear.

Interlock knit– Double-knit; Soft, thick, and stretchy; Cotton interlock is used in green sprouts® Pull-over Bibs.

Knitted terry– Knitted with loops for absorbency on one or both sides; Soft, absorbent, lightweight, and stretchy; Organic cotton knitted terry is used in i play® Footies, Towels, and cotton/polyester knitted terry is used in green sprouts® Stay-dry Bibs.

Woven terry– Woven with loops for absorbency on one or both sides; Soft, absorbent, and plush; Organic cotton woven terry is used in green sprouts® Towel and Wash Cloths.

Muslin– Finely woven, open weave cotton; Lightweight, breathable, and softens with every wash; Organic cotton muslin is used in green sprouts® Bibs, Burp Cloths, Face Cloths, Multipurpose Cloths, Blankets, Towels, Wash Cloths, and Blankie Teethers.

Velour– Kitted; Soft, and stretchy with a fuzzy texture; Organic cotton velour is used in green sprouts® Toys.

Crochet yarn– Spun yarn used for crocheting; Organic cotton crochet yarn is used in green sprouts® Toys.

Filling– Cotton or polyester used for stuffing; Organic cotton filling is used in green sprouts® Toys.

Microfiber polyester– Woven; Soft and suede-like texture that is strong and durable; Lightweight, quick drying, and water friendly; Microfiber polyester is used in i play.® Trunks and Sun Hats.

Wicking polyester– Knitted; Lightweight and stretchy; Pulls moisture away from the skin. Wicking polyester is used in i play.® Swim Diapers, Breatheasy Shirts, and Breatheasy Hats.

Knitted polyester– Stretchy, lightweight, and provides easy movement and comfort; Quick drying and water friendly. Knitted polyester is used in i play.® Swim Diapers.

Woven polyester– Smooth texture that often is treated with a waterproof coating. Woven polyester is used in i play.® Raincoats and Backpacks.

Knitted elastane– Very stretchy; Can be blended with nylon or cotton for durability; Lightweight, quick drying, and water friendly. Nylon/elastane is used in i play.® Girls’ Swimsuits, Rashguards, and Sunsuits.


Treatments on fabric also provide benefits to a garment or product for certain functions.

Waterproof coating– A single synthetic layer of polyurethane laminate bonded with fabric to create a waterproof material. Waterproof coatings are used on i play.® Swim Diapers and Outer Wear, and green sprouts® Bibs, Backpacks, and Wet Bags.

UPF coating– Offers UPF 50+ protection, blocking 97.5-99% of UV rays. UPF coating is used in i play.® Swim Wear and Sun Wear.

Formaldehyde– A commonly used resin for colorfastness and wrinkle- and shrink-resistance; Formaldehyde can cause reactions to sensitive skin. We have been testing this process to make i play.® products formaldehyde free and we recommend parents avoid this treatment in other textile products.