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There is no cure for a cold, but you can treat the symptoms, and most colds usually heal over the course of about a week. You can help by supporting your baby’s immune system and by keeping her as comfortable as possible.

Building Defenses

Although a healthy child is naturally resilient and resistant to external factors that can cause imbalance, it is useful to consider the scientific perspective of the “germ theory.” According to this view, the majority of challenges to your baby’s health come in the form of pathogens—biological agents of disease.


A fever is not by itself an illness. It is the body’s natural defense to systemic infection caused by bacteria or viruses. Here are some suggestions for making your baby more comfortable while she has a fever.

Promote a Positive Body Image

As your baby explores what her body can do, you can guide her in that exploration and help ensure that she develops a positive body image.

Diapering Gear for your Baby

There are many factors to consider when deciding how to diaper your baby: convenience, time, environmental impact, comfort, and money.

Provide a Safe Environment

A safe environment in which your baby can move and play freely promotes physical development. By staying one step ahead of her with preventive measures, you can minimize potential dangers.

Ginger Compress Remedy

A ginger compress will help to relax or to loosen up blockage from a cold or stagnation in your child’s chest.

Your Baby’s Reproductive System

Your baby was born with her reproductive systems intact but dormant. Be careful not to expose your baby to materials that might affect her hormones.

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