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Food as Medicine and Remedies

When your baby is not feeling well, the remedy can often involve regulating and strengthening her digestive system, by providing foods with specific healing properties.

Types of Fermented Foods

Offering your child fermented foods will help her develop a wide diversity of flora in her gut, which has multiple health benefits.

Teach Healthy Hygiene

Daily hygiene habits for the care of your baby’s eyes, ears, nose, nails, mouth and teeth, skin, and clothing are basic to her wellness.

Take Care with Diapers

Changing diapers is an excellent opportunity to gather helpful information about the state of your baby’s health.

Support Sleep and Rest

Sleep and rest are cornerstones in your baby’s physical, emotional, and mental growth and development.

Connect with Touch and Massage

Massaging your baby is an opportunity to spend quality time with her, while also becoming more aware of what is going on with her body on a daily basis.

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