Becky Cannon, founder of i play., Inc., had her first daughter, Emi, in Japan in 1979. There, she discovered unique, quality baby products with special functions, made of natural materials and cute designs. When Becky moved back to the U.S. and had her second daughter, Mari, in 1982, these features became the basis for the products at i play., Inc.

Becky and Emi
Becky and Mari


Since 1982, we have made it a priority to ensure that our products are free of any substances that could pose a health risk to babies. Through research and experience, we strive to make informed choices based on babies’ perspective and parents’ lifestyle priorities.

We also consider safety, functionality, convenience, affordability, quality, design, and environmental friendliness in our product development. We are always looking for new and better materials and processes, and scouting for possible harmful ingredients.

Product Principles

We develop our products based on principles. Each product has icons on it’s packaging to represent the following principles:


We know that parents are busy, so we respect their resources of time, money, and energy. Therefore, all of our products are designed with consideration of functionality to be effective, comfortable, and convenient for babies.

  • Absorbent

    We use absorbent materials to help keep your baby dry in every situation. These materials are naturally absorbent without superabsorbent gels or harsh chemicals.

  • Water-Friendly

    We encourage staying active and playing by using materials that are practical in and out of the water. Our water-friendly materials lightweight for comfort and protective in the water.

  • Perfect Portions

    Perfect portion measurements allow you to easily monitor your babies’ daily food intake and plan balanced, healthy meals for your baby.

  • Space Saving

    Along with hours in the day, weekends, and matching socks, space is limited. We use unique, space-saving designs to make storing everyday items easier.

  • Swim Diaper

    Swim diapers are not just a matter of containing embarrassing accidents; they also help prevent the introduction of harmful pathogens into the water than can cause Recreational Waterborne Illnesses, or RWIs. Many public health officials require or strongly recommend the use of approved swim diapers. All i play. swimsuits feature a built-in Ultimate Swim Diaper, so no other diaper is necessary!

  • Breathable

    Keeping your baby comfy means keeping your baby happy. We use breathable fabrics that naturally regulate body temperature and wickaway moisture to keep your baby cool, dry, and comfortable.

  • Wipe-Off

    Independent, self-feeding toddlers need full-coverage for mealtime messes. All of our green sprouts wipe-off bibs are made of non-toxic EVA so you can easily rinse, wipe, and dry them in no time.

  • Water Resistant

    Water-resistant fabrics help repel water to keep your baby dry on rainy days. All i play. rainwear is water-resistant while still remaining PVC free.  

  • Easy-Clean

    Our easy-clean products are designed to make your life easier by eliminating the hassle of complicated cleaning. We want to save you time, so you can make more time for the things you love.

  • Chill

    Soothing relief is just what your baby needs while teething. We offer a variety of teethers that can be chilled in the refrigerator to provide extra relief for sore gums while also encouraging first teeth to break through.

  • Interchangeable

    To reduce waste and extend the life of our products, we use interchangeable tops, bases, and handles on most of our sippy cups. This makes transitioning to drinking stages easier and lets you grab what is clean and go!

  • Lightweight

    We use lightweight fabrics that provide the function you need without weighing you or your little one down.

  • Sippy Top

    A sippy top is recommended from 6-12 months as your baby transitions from drinking from a bottle to self-drinking. Some sippy tops feature one-way valves for less mess or unvented tops for natural drinking.

  • Flip Pocket

    All green sprouts Wipe-off bibs feature a flip-pocket on the bottom to help catch extra mess.

  • Waterproof

    We know that babies can get messy. Whether it be drips and drools or yucky weather, keeping your little one’s clothes dry doesn’t have to be difficult. We use waterproof materials that protect your baby while still remaining PVC free.

  • Pre-washed

    Pre-washed fabrics ensure softness upon arrival and keep getting softer with each wash to provide your baby the most comfort.  

  • Easy-to-Go

    Traveling with everything your little one might need can be a real chore. Our easy-to-go products have convenient features such as spill proof tops, compact designs, and travel lids to make life simpler while on-the-go.

  • Stackable

    Less is more, accept when it comes to storage and space. In addition to being interchangeable, all of our green sprouts Baby Food Storage Cubes are stackable, so you can easily store your homemade purees.

  • Magnetic Closure

    Magnetic closures are easy for little ones to open and close and give them a sense of independence while traveling, at daycare, or simply out and about.

  • Straw Top

    Transitioning to a straw top beginning at 6 months helps promote healthy teeth development and mature mouth movement. A straw top is an easy way for babies to transition from a bottle or sippy top to more standard cups.

  • Stay Dry

    Before starting solid foods, babies need a little extra protection from drips, drools, and spit ups. All of our green sprouts Stay Dry Bibs have a waterproof inner layer to keep any liquids from seeping through onto your baby’s clothes.

Health and Safety

Ensuring that our products are good quality, healthy, and safe is core to our ongoing development. Our products undergo extensive testing and conform to all US safety standards. Often we exceed those standards by testing to the highest level of standards required by our international partners.

We offer a range of choices in our materials.

  • BPA Free

    In 2006, we learned that BPA could disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems, so we immediately eliminated BPA from all our products. Today, all green sprouts and i play. products are BPA free.

  • Formamide Free

    Exposure to formamide can cause irritation to your baby’s skin and respiratory tract. In 2012 we eliminated formamide from all of our products and continue to develop new products that are formamide free.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Babies are sensitive to smells, foods, and materials during their first three years of life. As their bodies are still developing resistances, hypoallergenic materials help prevent any negative reactions.

  • PVC Free

    In 2003 we discovered that certain phthalates were shown to disrupt reproductive functions and cause other developmental problems, so we launched a line of PVC free feeding items including, bibs, dishes, utensils, and storage containers. Today, all green sprouts and i play. products are PVC free.

  • Petroleum Free

    Petroleum based plastic can leach potentially harmful chemicals into food, especially when heated. We offer many petroleum-free feeding options made from bio-based materials, silicone, bamboo, and other natural materials.


    Babies have sensitive eyes that need to be protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. i play. sun protective eyewear meets US and international standards and provides 100% UVA and UVB protection.

  • Formaldehyde Free

    Formaldehyde is classified as a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which means it definitely does not belong in baby products! All of our products are formaldehyde free to the highest international standards.

  • UPF 50+

    Babies’ skin is delicate and much more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. All i play. swimwear and sun protection clothing is made from specially treated fabric with a UV protection factor of 50+ that gives your baby “excellent” sun protection.

  • Remedy

    Minor bumps and bruises are bound to happen to your baby. On hand relief provides an easy remedy to help soothe your baby.


Our products support babies’ healthy physical, emotional, and mental development. They encourage connection to the natural world, movement, and whole learning.

Our Pathways of Whole Learning guides babies with seven different kinds of developmental learning experiences.

  • Sensory

    Your baby is constantly receiving and responding to the world around him by hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling his way through new experiences. See your baby learn and grow by encouraging sensory play.

  • Communication

    From birth, your baby is listening to you and the world around him. His first forms of communications may not sound like much, but as he hears and learns to make new sounds, his communication skills will continue to grow throughout all stages.

  • Naturalist

    Nature is your baby’s playground! Encourage a strong relationship with the natural world by spending time outdoors, playing, learning, and growing in your environment.

  • Movement

    From grabbing a toy to rolling over, your baby develops gross and fine motor skills as he becomes more active and aware of his own body and surroundings. As your baby grows, these skills will become more refined and more useful throughout all stages.

  • Cognitive

    Your baby loves a challenge! From stacking cups to puzzles, activities that encourage curiosity, memorization, and problem solving all help build your baby’s cognitive skills during childhood.

  • Interactive

    Simple interactions like recognizing your face and voice are one of the first learning experiences for your baby. Playing with puppets, exploring the mirror, and spending time with other children encourages positive interaction and learning for your baby.  

  • Creative

    Engaging your baby in artistic, imaginative, and musical activities throughout childhood fosters a lifetime of creative thinking and a natural sense of wonder.

The Natural World

Reducing resources, waste, and pollution are fundamental ways to lower our environmental impact. We strive to use materials that are from renewable resources, recycled, and recyclable. We consider the lifecycle of products – reusable, recyclable and extendable life.

The features for the health and safety of babies are often also less polluting for the environment. For instance, organic cotton, PVC-free, and BPA-free. When possible, we use vegetable-based inks in our product packaging.

  • Organic

    We believe that organic cotton is the safest, healthiest fabric available for babies. Our organic cotton is produced without harsh chemical bleaches and is tested to ensure the absence of metal contaminants. We use low-impact dyes for the health and safety of babies and the environment.

  • Plant-Based

    We are also looking for natural alternatives to synthetic materials. Many of our products are made from natural materials such as plant starch, wood, and cotton to ensure your baby is safe from the inside out.

  • Reusable

    Replacing disposable items with reusable versions helps save waste and money. We offer a variety of reusable items that can be taken on-the-go and that are durable enough to use again and again.

  • Reversible

    Reversible accessories let you love them twice as much! Our reversible hats mix coordinating colors and prints, so you can switch up your baby’s look anytime.

  • Renewable Resources

    We offer products that are not only safe for your baby but that are also safe for the earth. We use renewable resources such as bamboo and natural wood that are safe to harvest and replenish quickly to keep the environment in its natural state.


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